Badder Bus – Corporate Policy / Statements For Operation

Mission Statement:

To be experts in the fields of student transportation, and charter trip service with quality school buses, highway coaches and staff.

Customer Service:

We strive to have great customer service. Our employees receive bonuses as incentive to give excellent customer service. Customers are asked to fill out questionnaires to help us monitor and maintain excellent customer service.


Job Safety is a concern we take very seriously. We have training and incentives for our employees to assist them in becoming the safest workers possible.


We have a maintenance policy that minimizes the chances of vehicle breakdown and to improve safety. There are still possible chances for breakdown but they are greatly reduced because of our maintenance policy and it’s implementation by our staff.


There is extensive training for our personnel. We do this so that we have the safest, most courteous and professional drivers and staff possible.


We strive to have the cleanest motor coaches and school buses possible.

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

All of our Coach Drivers are in safety sensitive positions, therefore we require them to be in our drug and alcohol testing program. This is a random sampling and they have no idea when they will be tested. We make all efforts to ensure the public that our drivers are going to do their job without any foreign substances clouding their judgment.