Getting Your Sports Team There and Back Again Safely is a Must!

Getting your sports team there and back again safely is a must! When considering renting a charter bus in Toronto for your sports team, give us a call. We’re your go-to sports team carrier!

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why bus transportation represents a key element in your sports team’s success:

1. Bonding. Having your team all together in one charter bus in Toronto rather than spread out in several smaller vehicles allows the team to bond as a unit. Coaches worth their salt know that creating closeness in a team is vital to its success.

2. Safety and cleanliness. Safety is an obsession. We train our drivers rigorously, we offer them safety incentives and we perform ongoing random drug and alcohol testing. There’s nothing we won’t do to ensure your team’s safety! Plus we pride ourselves on providing the cleanest buses available. Remember—we’ve been doing this since 1950. We know how to drive!

3. Convenience. If you’re considering a bus rental in Toronto for your sports team, you’ll never look back. It’s so convenient! We’ll work closely with you to organize all your traveling needs, no matter how complicated they may be. Driving to multiple venues? No problem! Big team or lots of equipment requires extra space? We’re there for you. Driving locally or out of province? We’ll take you anywhere you want to go—safely, rested and without stress.

4. Economy. A bus rental in Toronto is probably more economical than you think. We have buses to suit all budgets. Whether you have a professional or semi-professional team, youth club team, adult sports team or school team, we have the size and type of bus you need. From full-on luxury in our newest coaches to the more functional school buses, we will work with you to stay within your budget.

Tired of the headache of organizing your sports team’s logistics? Consider a bus rental in Toronto from Badder Bus! We’re on your team! Plan ahead with Badder Bus and reserve a charter bus for your next sports team event.