Sports teams that travel together win together

Building up team morale before a big game can make the difference between coming home a group of winners or the runners-up. Teams that travel together to play-off events are more in sync, more integrated and more pulled together. Is it any wonder that these teams so often win championship games? It’s not only prudent in terms of costs to hire a charter bus to or from Toronto, but it also makes for solid game strategy.

Groups of all sizes and ages
Whether it’s a team of high school students, college players or an adult amateur league, our bus services in Ontario can help foster team spirit and ensure groups congeal before ever stepping on the field or ice. Our larger coach bus rental units can hold up 56 passengers, guaranteeing that every player, coach and piece of equipment will comfortably fit inside.

Other perks of travelling by charter bus
Outside of building morale, there are several other important reasons sports teams should travel by charter bus. Here are a few of them.

You’ll save money. Bus rental to or from Toronto may seem like a costly extravagance but when compared to the combined costs of automobile travel for multiple cars, you’ll find you’re in fact saving, not splurging. Bussing is also far more affordable than travel by train or aircraft.
It’s safer. All Badder Bus chauffeurs are highly experienced and excellent drivers. They have the ability to safely traverse great distances even in difficult weather. Their many hours on the road have trained them to be astute and careful. A frazzled coach or an anxious player may not be as cautious.
It’s comfortable. Plush reclining seats and plenty of legroom allow for a feeling of luxury and relaxation. Not having to drive means you can just drift and not have to fret over maps or schedules.
The whole team will arrive on schedule. You won’t have to worry about chronic stragglers or the directionally challenged getting lost. Everyone will be accounted for from the moment you leave your hometown, to the moment you arrive at your destination.

Through Ontario and beyond
No matter how far out of town you need to go to get to that next big game, Badder Bus can get you there. We can take you anywhere you need to go in North America. If its 30 miles or 300, you’ll be sure to arrive in style and comfort, and most importantly, already thinking and acting like a team. Contact us today to get a quote or book a charter bus for an upcoming sporting event.