5 Reasons to Take a Coach Bus to Niagara Falls

5 Reasons to Take a Coach Bus to Niagara Falls

Taking a coach bus to Niagara Falls from Toronto can be an experience of a lifetime. Sit back and relax and leave the driving to the pros!

Here are 5 reasons why a coach bus is the best way to get to Niagara Falls from Toronto:

1. Traffic and safety. It’s common knowledge that the GTA has some of the worst traffic in North America. Avoid being the unsuspecting driver caught in a rush-hour snarl in Toronto! When you hire a Toronto-to-Niagara Falls coach bus, you leave the wheel to a professional — no more driving hassle to deal with. Our drivers are courteous and consummate professionals. They take pride in getting you where you want to go safely and comfortably.

2. Economical. If you consider the combined cost of driving individual cars or buying tickets for other forms of public transit, your group will likely save a bunch when you book a coach bus to Niagara Falls. A luxury coach can seat up to 56 passengers in comfort.

3. Unparalleled comfort and luxury. With state-of-the-art climate control, ergonomic seats and an on-board lavatory, your Toronto-to-Niagara Falls coach bus trip will leave you fresh and relaxed. You will arrive rested and energized to take in all that Niagara Falls has to offer.

4. Personalized service. An experienced coach bus provider will help you customize your trip just the way you want it. Maybe your group wants to stop and take in some sights along the way? Burlington’s Botanical Garden is the largest in Canada and well worth the detour. Or maybe you would like to take in the Art Gallery of Hamilton or the Hamilton Warplane Heritage Museum? A trip through the Niagara [...]

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    Safe Sports Team Transportation with Charter Bus | Badder Bus

Safe Sports Team Transportation with Charter Bus | Badder Bus

Getting Your Sports Team There and Back Again Safely is a Must!

Getting your sports team there and back again safely is a must! When considering renting a charter bus in Toronto for your sports team, give us a call. We’re your go-to sports team carrier!

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why bus transportation represents a key element in your sports team’s success:

1. Bonding. Having your team all together in one charter bus in Toronto rather than spread out in several smaller vehicles allows the team to bond as a unit. Coaches worth their salt know that creating closeness in a team is vital to its success.

2. Safety and cleanliness. Safety is an obsession. We train our drivers rigorously, we offer them safety incentives and we perform ongoing random drug and alcohol testing. There’s nothing we won’t do to ensure your team’s safety! Plus we pride ourselves on providing the cleanest buses available. Remember—we’ve been doing this since 1950. We know how to drive!

3. Convenience. If you’re considering a bus rental in Toronto for your sports team, you’ll never look back. It’s so convenient! We’ll work closely with you to organize all your traveling needs, no matter how complicated they may be. Driving to multiple venues? No problem! Big team or lots of equipment requires extra space? We’re there for you. Driving locally or out of province? We’ll take you anywhere you want to go—safely, rested and without stress.

4. Economy. A bus rental in Toronto is probably more economical than you think. We have buses to suit all budgets. Whether you have a professional or semi-professional team, youth club team, adult sports team or school team, we have the size and type of bus you need. From full-on [...]

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Top 5 Coach Bus Stops in Toronto

Top 5 Coach Bus Stops in Toronto

Picking 5 top must-see sights in Toronto is a pretty thankless undertaking—there’s so much to see! And there’s no more secure and comfortable way to take them in than with a coach bus in Toronto!

Here are 5 can’t-miss stops when sightseeing in Toronto:

1. CN Tower. This architectural icon defines the Toronto skyline. Until 2010 it was the world’s tallest freestanding structure. It stands 553 metres tall! It’s a paradise for adrenaline junkies as well as those looking for a more relaxed experience like shopping or dining. Whatever your fancy, the view is breathtaking!

2. Hockey Hall of Fame. Whether or not you are a rabid hockey fan, the Hockey Hall of Fame will impress you. It provides a sneak peek into what can only be defined as the great Canadian pastime. Housing everything from a replica of an NHL dressing room, a collection of hockey artifacts second to none and a state-of-the-art theatre, you will find this iconic attraction a pure pleasure for the whole family.

3. Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. A quieter but no less impressive outing, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto will provide hours of awe-inspiring pleasure as you take in great art dating back 2000 years. It’s also home to one of the planet’s largest collections of Inuit art. Let yourself be enthralled!

4. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. One of Toronto’s newest attractions, it’s a winner with the whole family! It’s also Canada’s largest indoor aquarium, containing over 5.7 million litres of water and showcasing more than 16,000 marine animals.

5. St. Lawrence Market. Don’t forget Toronto’s unparalleled street culture. When almost half of Torontonians are foreign-born, you can bet variety in foods and culture reign supreme! The St. [...]

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    5 Reasons you Should Consider a Bus for Your Airport Transportation

5 Reasons you Should Consider a Bus for Your Airport Transportation

5 Reasons you Should Consider a Bus for Your Airport Transportation

Getting to and from airports in Southwestern Ontario can be one of the most stressful parts of any trip. But getting airport transportation in Kitchener and London, Ontario doesn’t have to be a headache. Badder Bus provides no-stress transportation to and from airports throughout Southwestern Ontario. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring or renting a bus for your airport transportation:

1. We’re on time. Our drivers have been driving these roads for years and know how to get there on time. Whether you need airport transportation in Kitchener, Hamilton or London, Ontario, We will get you to your flight when you need to be there. We’ll also get you to your connecting flight if you have to get from one airport to another.

2. No stress. Ontario traffic snarls are not limited to just the GTA. They can also spill over into Southwestern Ontario. You don’t need that stress! Getting to and from area airports can be a real chore. And don’t pass the task off to friends or family! They won’t appreciate it! Leave the driving to us.

3. Flexibility. We all know that air travel itineraries are not the most reliable. As diligent as you may be with your scheduling, your carrier might have other plans. We provide a 24/7 emergency contact service. If you experience an unexpected change in plans or a delay, call us and we’ll adapt to your airport transportation needs in Kitchener, Hamilton and London, Ontario. Need one-way pick-up or drop-off? Multiple airport transfers? Or shuttle service to and from the airport? We can provide.

4. Economical. When you consider the cost of driving to the airport, the parking, and the time wasted, [...]

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    6 Advantages of taking a tour charter bus in Toronto | Badder Bus

6 Advantages of taking a tour charter bus in Toronto | Badder Bus

6 Advantages of taking a tour bus

Nothing beats the comfort and convenience of a coach bus tour in Toronto. Let’s take a look at some of the many advantages of hopping on a tour bus in Toronto and letting your chauffeur get you there and back—safely and in world-class comfort.

1. It’s green. Taking a tour on a coach bus in Toronto is one of the most eco-friendly ways to see the city. A charter or a coach bus in Toronto can replace up to 55 cars. The bottom line? Up to six times less fuel consumed, less traffic on the roads and a far lower carbon footprint.

2. Safer. Taking a tour bus in Toronto means you’re far less likely to be exposed to pickpockets and other opportunists. And we all know what Toronto traffic is like. Not having to drive your own vehicle means not risking your car in traffic. Charter bus drivers in Toronto know the city like the back of their hands and are expert drivers.

3. Unsurpassed comfort. It’s one thing to visit a beautiful city like Toronto in summer but another thing entirely trying to stay comfortable in 30C temperatures with a pavement so hot you can fry an egg on it. Not to mention dealing with sweltering and congested sidewalks. Taking a tour on an air-conditioned coach with super comfortable seats and a private lavatory means getting to your destination rested and refreshed. It also means being able to enjoy sites more fully once you get there.

4. Entertainment. Tour bus drivers are renowned for being a wealth of information about their city and excellent tour guides. Many of them are natural entertainers and may have you in stitches before you know it.

5. Efficient. Taking a [...]

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Top things to do in Toronto | Badder Bus

Top things to do in Toronto

Toronto is chock-full of exciting, educational and beautiful things to do and see—all year-round! And what better way to take it all in than on a luxurious coach bus in Toronto? Or maybe your group is considering a bus rental in Toronto to drive you to a specific event? Whatever your needs are, a charter bus in Toronto is the way to go!

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting things you won’t want to miss in Toronto.

In summer, you can’t beat Toronto for its music scene. The Beaches Jazz Festival, 21C Festival and Bestival are crowd pleasers every year. If big concerts are up your alley, then the Air Canada Centre and the Molson Amphitheatre are places to catch some of the biggest acts on the planet. Why not hire a coach bus in Toronto to take your group there and back again, safely and in luxury?

Toronto is spoiled rotten when it comes to sports. You can take in top-tier sports teams of all kinds, from the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto FC, Argonauts, Maple Leafs and Raptors. Not to mention the Hockey Hall of Fame! And 2016 is extra special with the World Cup of Hockey coming to town in September and the 104th Grey Cup in November. Wow! Consider a charter bus in Toronto for worry-free travel to and from your favorite sports activity.

Foodies rejoice
The Taste of Toronto at Historic Fort York and the Taste of the Danforth are two food fests any serious food lover won’t want to miss. And don’t forget Summerlicious, Winterlicious or High Tea at any number of world-class tea rooms around the city. A bus rental in Toronto [...]

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    Say I do to wedding group tours with coach bus in Hamilton | Badder Bus

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Say I do to wedding group tours with coach bus in Hamilton | Badder Bus

Say I do to wedding group tours with our coach bus rental services in Ontario
If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, you’re likely a little overwhelmed by the myriad of details you need to arrange. Flowers and photographers, cakes and caterers, music and ministers. And that’s just the beginning. Badder Bus wants to help by guaranteeing that your transportation needs are covered for your big day. We can offer you and your guests exceptional shuttle services for the different events leading up to and during your wedding.

Types of transport services we provide for your wedding
Our coach bus rental services can accommodate every guest at your event or just the wedding party alone. No matter how big or small your wedding and your consequent transportation needs, Badder Bus has the vehicle(s) that you require. Some of the ways we facilitate transport for weddings include:

 Getting guests to the wedding ceremony
 Relocating the wedding party from ceremony to the photo shoot
 Transporting guests from wedding to reception
 Getting guests to the rehearsal dinner
 Bus Travel in Ontario for bachelor and/or bachelorette parties
 Transporting guests for the engagement party

A comfortable and safe way to travel
Our wedding bus tours from Toronto, Hamilton and elsewhere in Ontario provide cozy seating and ample legroom, so all your guests can relax and enjoy the ride. Our courteous motor coach operators are experienced and trained drivers that ensure the safety of all on board. We know our way around Ontario, from remote locales to busy urban centres, guaranteeing that everyone arrives they’re supposed to and on time.

Experienced wedding transportation professionals
Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. you want everything [...]

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    Coach and bus services for sports team in Toronto and Hamilton | Badder Bus

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Coach and bus services for sports team in Toronto and Hamilton | Badder Bus

Sports teams that travel together win together
Building up team morale before a big game can make the difference between coming home a group of winners or the runners-up. Teams that travel together to play-off events are more in sync, more integrated and more pulled together. Is it any wonder that these teams so often win championship games? It’s not only prudent in terms of costs to hire a charter bus to or from Toronto, but it also makes for solid game strategy.

Groups of all sizes and ages
Whether it’s a team of high school students, college players or an adult amateur league, our bus services in Ontario can help foster team spirit and ensure groups congeal before ever stepping on the field or ice. Our larger coach bus rental units can hold up 56 passengers, guaranteeing that every player, coach and piece of equipment will comfortably fit inside.

Other perks of travelling by charter bus
Outside of building morale, there are several other important reasons sports teams should travel by charter bus. Here are a few of them.

• You’ll save money. Bus rental to or from Toronto may seem like a costly extravagance but when compared to the combined costs of automobile travel for multiple cars, you’ll find you’re in fact saving, not splurging. Bussing is also far more affordable than travel by train or aircraft.
• It’s safer. All Badder Bus chauffeurs are highly experienced and excellent drivers. They have the ability to safely traverse great distances even in difficult weather. Their many hours on the road have trained them to be astute and careful. A frazzled coach or an anxious player may not be as cautious.
• It’s comfortable. Plush reclining seats [...]

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    Coach Bus for Casino group tours to Niagara Falls | Badder Bus

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Coach Bus for Casino group tours to Niagara Falls | Badder Bus

Casino group tours to Niagara Falls with Badder’s coach bus

If you’re looking for a weekend of adventure, excitement and luxury, booking a coach bus to Niagara Falls for a stint at Canada’s largest and most opulent casino resort is a great way to do it. Whether it’s for a stag or stagette, a milestone birthday or some other occasion, you’re guaranteed to make memories you won’t soon forget.

About Fallsview Casino Resort
Perched on a cliff overlooking the Falls, the resort stands 30 storeys high. It has 374 rooms, most of which provide an awesome view. Along with its casino, the resort also boasts a spa, an indoor pool, a fitness room, a theatre that hosts 250 shows a year, an assortment of superb restaurants and an extensive gallery of shops.

What the casino offers
Nowhere else in Canada will you find a comparable casino experience. Over 200,000 square feet are dedicated to a wide range of gaming possibilities. With more than 3,000 slot machines and 130 gaming tables, you’ll never lack for excitement. Take your chances with lady luck at baccarat, roulette, craps, or blackjack. Or play your hand in a poker game in the country’s largest poker room.

Other things to do while in Niagara Falls
You can remain at the resort all weekend and never run out of things to do. But if you do wish to venture out, you’ll find an assortment of other entertainments. Consider trying one of the following amusements.

• A visit to the Falls including a Journey Behind the Falls
• A boat tour of the Niagara Gorge
• A helicopter tour of the region
• A game of golf at one of [...]

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Purchase bus trips from Toronto Ontario | Badder Bus

Why book a bus for your group’s summer sightseeing tour?

When you’re planning a group trip, it’s not easy to line up enough cars and drivers to get everybody there and back home again. That’s why chartering a coach bus service for your trip makes good sense. Whether you’re a church group planning a day of fun at one of the big amusement parks or you want to go shopping at a state-side mall, renting a Badder Bus and driver makes sure the trip works out perfectly for everybody.

Three advantages to booking a bus rental for your trip
1. Everybody gets to sit back and enjoy the ride. No anxious drivers. No sweating over the GPS or highway closures. Each member of your group just has to show up at the designated pickup point and choose a window or aisle seat. Plus, for your Badder Bus service from Ontario to any point in North America, you get a driver who’s pleasant, competent and trained to get you there in safety.

2. Your group stays together at all times. When your group travels together, it helps create a feeling of togetherness. If your people don’t know each other well at the beginning of the bus trip, they’ll be comfortable sharing a nod and a smile by the end.

3. The trip’s cost is shared equally by everybody and it is an environmental factor to use a coach bus. When you rent a coach for your trip, the drivers of your car caravan don’t get stuck forking out for the gas and vehicle wear and tear. And at Badder Bus, our coaches and school buses are pristine. You get clean, modern, and comfortable transportation [...]

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